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 / Abstrakcja II

Sztuka abstrakcyjna to bardzo różnorodne formy w które wpisane są określone treści, często związane z artystą. Treści te mogą być dla każdego odbiorcy zupełnie inne. Tym, co wyróżnia sztukę abstrakcyjną od nieabstrakcyjnej, jest brak rozpoznawalnych przedmiotów, które maja swoje nazwy. Tutaj sztuka ilustracja jakiegoś tematu jest budowana nie wprost, a poprzez odwołanie do róznorodnych środków wyrazu, takich jak barwa, kontrast, walor, kształt różne wielkości i wiele innych. Fotorolety deKEA z tej serii przedstawiają abstrakcyjne obrazy, którym można nadać swoje unikalne treści nawiązujące do charakteru domu i jego właściciela.

Abstract business science or technology background
Abstrakte Kunst Gemälde Ölgemälde Kunstdruck Frau
Hintergrund organisch
Abstract ink paint vector background
In green light
purple vector abstract background
Oil painting abstract texture background
Abstract geometric vector background.
Rainbow of colorful blocks abstract background - 3d render
White low poly background texture. 3d rendering.
3d render, abstract gold crystal background, faceted texture, macro panorama, wide panoramic polygonal wallpaper
Abstract painting texture. Modern watercolor pattern. Wide soft grey background. Fractal artwork for creative graphic design
Horizontal artwork composition of trendy tropical green leaves - monstera, palm and ficus elastica isolated on white background (computer rendered).
Hole on a broken white wall blank space. 3d illustration.
colorful horizontal banner. modern waves background design with teal blue, very dark blue and slate gray color
Beautiful background with fluid paint. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.
Abstract Cube Panoramic Background. White Graphic Design
Black and white background, waves of lines, abstract wallpaper, vector design
Abstract flying butterfly with blue, purple and cyan blots
horizontal colorful abstract wave background with midnight blue, light gray and moderate violet colors. can be used as texture, background or wallpaper
horizontal artistic colorful abstract wave background with royal blue, moderate pink and very dark magenta colors. can be used as texture, background or wallpaper
Vector pattern with gold black tropical leaves
Abstract 3d grate on white background
geometric 3d background
Abstract vector background. with beautiful fantasy ink patterns. Liquid paint. Fluid art. The ornament of marble. Colorful bright combination of colors. Modern colorful flow.
marble ink paper texture black grey gold
Abstract white luxury background with golden hexagons. 3d rendering.
Watercolor background drawn by brush. Blue paints spilled on paper. Golden shiny veins and cracked marble texture. Elegant luxury wallpaper for design, print, invitations.
Abstract Generative Art black white background illustration
Chaotic white star bokeh on a isolated black background. falling blurry bokeh snow overlay, starry sky. white spots on black background, white drops and spots. abstraction.
abstract black dots and lines
Illustration spiral, background. Hypnotic, dynamic vortex.
abstract background with butterfly
 background of the many beautiful natural bird feathers of various shape blue color
the background of the many beautiful natural bird feathers in lilac and blue tones
Waves of white lines. Monochrome background, black backdrop, abstract dark wallpaper, vector design
3D geometric background. Seamless pattern. Vector.3D幾何学パターン
Designs of black lines on a white background. Abstract waves. Vector elements for you projects
Black dust on white background
seamless, watercolor linear border, background with vintage seamless floral pattern - grass, wild plant. Watercolor black landscape, silhouette of grass, shrub.  Black blot, a splash of paint.
Abstract wave of white and black curved lines. Hallucination. Optical illusion. Twisted illustration. Futuristic background of lines. Dynamic wave. Vector.
Seamless pattern with twisted lines, vector linear tiling background, stripy weaving, optical maze, twisted stripes. Black and white design.
Vector halftone dots background, fading dot effect. Imitation of a mountain landscape, banner, shades of gray.
Long exposure of pedestrians walking along the high street - intentional camera shake to introduce an impressionistic effect and light trails - creative filter applied creating a ghostly aesthetic
Background stylized trees. Vector illustration.
Colorful abstract background mosaic pixels
Abstract colorful oil, acrylic painting of spring flower. Hand painted brush stroke on canvas. Illustration oil painting floral for background. Modern art paintings flowers with yellow, red color.
Abstract fire oil painting illustration. Flames of a bonfire against Beautiful night starry sky, Blue Cosmos, galaxy, stars. Colorful space background artwor Impressionism.
original digital painting cubism style of a man plays the guitar and a fantastic bird listens to his song
Large Group of People
drawing of abstract blue watercolor flowers
Explosion of colored powder on black background
Abstract Black and White artistic Line background of Ink Landscape Decoration painting
Black and white design. Pattern with optical illusion. Abstract striped background with ripple effect. Vector illustration.
Enjoy every moment. Close up portrait of a man taking selfie. I found it. I see you. Abstract man head made from dots. 3D vector illustration.
Abstract background with dynamic particles. Circular grid pattern. 3d vector illustration for business, science or technology.
Sphere with connected lines. Global digital connections. Wireframe illustration. Abstract 3d grid design. Technology style.
Array with dynamic particles of small particles in circle. Modern science and technology element. Abstract dotted background. Vector illustration.
Array with dynamic particles. 3D technology style. Abstract background. Vector illustration.
Festive vector background with gold glitter and confetti for christmas celebration. Black background with glowing golden particles.
gold texture used as background
luxury wallpaper. Green marble and gold abstract background texture. Dark green emerald marbling with natural luxury style swirls of marble and gold powder.
concrete aged texture. old, vintage gold, Violet background. orange with roughness and cracks
Set of handmade abstract art background with watercolor, Alcohol ink, spots elements with purple, violet and blue color. Elegant Liquid marble, gold lines for wallpaper, poster, texture or cards.
Abstract violet and gold glitter color horizontal background. Marble texture. Alcohol ink
Purple smoke
Violet Feathers
Amethyst purple crystal. Mineral crystals in the natural environment. Texture of precious and semiprecious gemstone.
Bright violet bokeh lights abstract background. Flying purple particles or dust. Vivid lightning. Merry christmas design. Blurred light dots.
Abstrakcyjne srebrne tło
geometric bg chrome
Abstract crystal background with refracting light and highlights in purple and yellow colors
Modern black metal low poly backdrop
business background lines wave abstract stripe design
curved speed lines background or backdrop with dark cyan, medium turquoise and very dark blue colors. good as wallpaper
3D abstract monochrome background with dots pattern vector design, technology theme, dimensional dotted flow in perspective, big data, nanotechnology.
Background of an empty dark room. Empty walls, neon light, smoke, smog. Blue and pink smoke, ultraviolet light in the dark.
abstract  lines with dots over dark background. connecting or big data concept
luxury wallpaper. Blue marble and gold abstract background texture. Indigo ocean blue marbling with natural luxury style swirls of marble and gold powder.
Artistic work. The emotions. Decorative and textured techniques on canvas. Author: Nikolay Sivenkov.
Beautiful stylish black background with developing, flying cloth
Polished onyx marble with high-resolution, aqua tone emperador marble, natural breccia stone agate surface, modern Italian marble for interior-exterior home decoration tile and ceramic tile surface.
Abstract smooth gray wave. gray transparent waved lines
Luxury elegant metal gold background. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.
Beautiful black background with silver glitter. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.
Bright purple developing tissue
abstract seamless pattern with one line portrait of a girl in the style of cubism and picasso isolated on a white background
Smooth blur wave background
Abstract background. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.
Bright, juicy abstraction background. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.
Bright background with a volumetric pattern and print. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.
Abstract 3D Rendering of Flying Cubes.
Various lines and shapes. Set of three black and white abstract seamless patterns. Hand drawn vector illustration. Every pattern is isolated
Vector abstract boxes background
natural backdrop of the beautiful fairy brightly colored feathers on white

Ultra violet glowing shiny waves abstract background