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Zwierzaki - małe i duże, dzikie i przyjazne:) Kto z nas nie rozczula się na widok małego kociaka, szczeniaka czy lwiątka? Kto z nas w dzieciństwie nie chciał mieć psa?..części z nas się to udało:) Niestety nie wszystkie zwierzaki mogą z nami mieszkać - ale ulubiony pet na ścianie zawsze może cieszyć nasze oko, wprawiać nas w dobry humor. Fototapety deKEA to świat zwierząt - od małych pracowitych mrówek, kochanych dachowców po dzikie ptaki i groźne aligatory, Zapraszamy.

horse Arab gallop stud dynamics
Katzen sitzen auf einem Dach in der Nacht
Große Hunde und Katzengruppe
konie wiosną
A large black Panther. Watercolor painting
3D Rendering Big Cat Cheetah on White
A black panther sits on a log over a small calm jungle pond.  Sunlight streams down through the forest canopy to illuminate the wild cat. 3D Rendering
Watercolor single lynx animal isolated on a white background illustration.
hand-drawing portrait of white cat
close up of a lion
cat eyes
Australian mist cat. watercolor home pet illustration. Cats breeds series. domestic animal.
3D Rendering Lynx on White
Two сute sleeping tabby kittens. Hand drawn watercolor.
Watercolor wild animals letter S. Silver fox, saiga, spectacled bear, spotted hyena, sperm whale, seagull, skunk, stoat, swan, serval, shoebill stork, snow leopard. Zoo alphabet. Wildlife animals.
herd of giraffes in the setting sun
Watercolor set with wild savannah animals. Giraffe, elephants, zebra. Cute safari wildlife animal
tiger in the water
kleine Katzen
Elephant zebra different
Family of elephants.
Watercolor cheetah  animal on a white background illustration
elephant in the wild nature
watercolor illustration of African animals: zebra, lion, ostrich, elephant, giraffe, eagle, southern savannah tree and stones, a set of drawings from the hands of animals in the zoo
Tiger walking isolated on white background. Watercolor. Illustration. Template. Handmade.
Illustration of a giraffe
Watercolor safari animals illustration. Hand drawn set of animals isolated on white background. African fauna: lion, elephant, camel, giraffe, zebra, iguana
Rhino in studio
Safari in Africa silhouette of wild animals reflection in water
three giraffes under the hot African sun
Wild animal zebra standing indoors merging with a striped black and white background.  Creative conceptual illustration. 3D rendering.
monkey head in reggae hat and eyeglasses with creative abstract elements on white background
colorful artistic monkey muzzle with bright paint splatters on dark background
pedigree dog drawn in ink by hand on a white background
Border Collie. Portrait dog. Watercolor hand drawn illustration.
A black shadowy wolf with glowing eyes is seen in a foggy forest in this illustration about evil.
 Watercolor picture of a wolf with a moon on the background, snow and tree
Wolf, handmade illustration on grey background
Illustration portrait of siberian husky, blue eyes, hair and mane, confident dog, militant look. Hand drawing.
Watercolor dog portrait of a border collie, closeup on a white background, with elements of drips and paint splatter
The pack of red moon,Group of ferocious wolf in the forest,3d illustration
wolf front
A flock of wolves at night, the leader howls to the moon. Digital paint.
The head of a wolf against the background of a smoke cloud. Artistic work on the theme of animals
In a forest, a pair of grey timber wolves advances on you while the white furred alpha watches from a distance.  Watch out! These predators can be dangerous.  Beware the pack. 3D Rendering
wilk głowa
Majestic Wolf Mixed media portrait of a animal. Digital watercolour portrait big wolf with paint splatters, scratches and blots.
 Wolf painting, color abstract effect on background
A trio of timber wolves stands atop a boulder looking out over a North American wilderness.  The alpha wolf stands confidently looking into the distance while look to the sides . 3D Rendering
Wolf. Sketch with pencil
painting of a young indian warrior wearing a gorgeous feather headdress with wolf. Cosmic background. profile portrait.
3D Rendered Fantasy Winter Landscape With Two White Wolves - 3D Illustration
Wolf hand painted watercolor illustration isolated on white background
sketch drawing of a wolf on  white background
Wolf Tribal
zimowy koń
Kary na tle morza i księżyca Digital art Painting
Modern painting with horses

Close-up of a beautiful horses eye.Picture created with watercolors.

Close-up of a beautiful horses eye.Picture created with watercolors.
running horses watercolor banner illustration
Two white horse spirits, beautiful detailed oil painting