Office space arrangement

Dekea offers a complex office space arrangement. Thanks to our products you can promote and underline your brand.

A comprehensive arrangement of your interiors consists of several stages:

  1. We have to get to know your office / company
  • we are familiar with your activities     
  • we know your needs     
  • we are watching the office / company forward our suggestions     
  • we make a measurement

    2. We prepare a design concept

  • we offer the highest quality materials and solutions     
  • we prepare projects and visualizations

  3. We prepare an individual quote in the context of accepted projects

  4. We assemble the ordered products

  • professional team     
  • warranty for assembly

  5. We are Polish company

  • each implementation is finalized with a guarantee and a full Vat invoice    
  • our products have rigorous certificates required in public buildings (non-flammable, PZH, antibacterial, ecological)

What do we specialize in?

  • designed wallpapers     
  • Canvas paintings on the walls     
  • 3D letters
  • decorative windows foils 
  • designed furniture veneers     
  • window blinds with individual project design    
  • decorative glass panels 
  • individualized curtains 
  • wall screening veneers (unlimited exposition space, the ability to write)

We invite you to contact our B2B consultants 

Jadwiga Leszczyńska-Czyż +48 505 801 130 

Marta Mikulska +48 532 499 375