Instructions for applying deKEA wallpapers

                              All our wallpapers do not require experience in assembly. Their application is extremely simple.
Each wallpaper is perfectly cut to the given dimensions. The pattern is perfectly matched - before shipment you receive the assembly plan for each wallpaper from us. If you have a problem with wallpaper project or want to change something in the graphic, just send us the information. We will prepare wallpaper project design for free. 

Below you will find the application instructions depending on the selected wallpaper type: 

We have CERTIFICATES confirming the safety of our wallpapers for health! Synthetic latex used in printouts is odorless, non-toxic, does not cause allergic reactions. DEKEA wallpapers can be used in public utilities and our homes.

                                 NOVA ECO, VINYL and THE BEST ECO CANVAS wallpapers 


Proper wall preparation before installing the wallpaper is the most important activity for achieving a good final result. It should be done extremely carefully.

-       Prepared surface must be clean, dry, with low absorbency, smooth and free of dust and residue of pigments that could soak into the wallpaper

-       The old wallpaper should be removed

-       The layers of old paint should be scraped off

-       All defects, scratches and irregularities should be topped up and then wiped with sandpaper

-       On the porous walls it is necessary to apply a primer.

-       If you are not sure, whether the wall requires priming, it should be primed prophylactically

-       Check if the surface is already dry

-       It is not allowed  to glue wallpaper on damp surfaces. The walls have to be completely dry

You need:

-       GLUE: METYLAN DIRECT for fleece wallpapers

-       ladder

-       bucket on glue

-       wallpaper brush or a rubber roller

-       wallpaper knife

-       measure


You apply glue on the wall only. You DO NOT put the glue on the wallpaper.

Wallpapers sticks easily to the wall and do not wrinkle.

It's very easy to remove the fleece wallpaper.

1.     Start by arranging the layout of the panels on the wall

2.     Apply thin glue layer on the wall  

3.     Apply the glue systematically so that it does not dry out

4.     Apply dry wallpaper parts on the wall with glue

5.     Do not forget to put the wallpaper belts from the top wall

6.     Using a soft brush or cloth, smooth the wallpaper surface and push out the air, moving them towards the edges of the wallpaper (do not puncture the bubbles).

7.     However, it is not worth fighting with all air bubbles. You need to remove only the largest air bubbles. Small "bubbles" will disappear after several hours

8.     Avoid large folds

9.     Match the pattern carefully (do not stick one block on the other).

10.  The edges of wallpaper have a tendency to peel off, so stick the edges carefully (preferably using a rubber roller)

11.  If the glue on the wall has already dried out and the edges continue to peel off, apply an additional layer of glue to the wall at the edge, and press the edges again with the roller

12.  Excess glue that has slipped from under the wallpaper can be washed off with a slightly damp and clean cloth. This should be done after applying each wallpaper part so that the adhesive does not dry out

13.  Under no circumstances can you rub multiple times in the same place and use chemical cleaning products. The drying adhesive can destroy the surface of the wallpaper.


The wallpaper printed with latex inks can be washed with a soft sponge/cloth and water with a mild detergent (e.g. dishwashing liquid). After first wash with a damp sponge you can see traces of ink.