Decorative glass panels

Decorative glass panels - very safe panales with beautiful patterns to your kitchen, bathroom, living room.

  • Production technology - the photo is printed directly on the glass (the image is behind the glass). 
  • The graphics are properly secured
  • The prepared glass panel is additionally welded with a blockout material, which provides the possibility of gluing without visible discoloration or stains

Glass formats

  • Tempered glass (courier delivery - Poland) - the maximum dimension of one glass panel  is 100 x 190 cm 
  • Tempered glass (our transportation - Poland) - the maximum dimension of one glass panel is 155 x 280 cm (glass thickness: 6mm) 
  • Float glass - recommended for dimensions 100 x 150 cm. Larger formats should be ordered based on tempered glass. 
  • You can create much larger glass decoration. Then it will consist of several glass panels. The selected graphic will be perfectly planned so that all glass panels create one image.

How to order?

  • Several glass panels patterns have been arranged in categories 
  • You can use the search engine (upper right corner of the page) and enter the theme of your artwork / photos to find the ideal pattern for you
  • Click on the selected glass panel design
  • Select the type of glass (there you will find descriptions of applications)
  • Enter the dimension - the system will calculate the price  
  • Each pattern can be designed on the basis of the graphic you choose, so that it perfectly matches the size of your glass. Service is FREE!
  • Production time about 20 business days.
  • deKEA glass panels can be installed by yourself (it is very easy) or you can use our services (installation in Małopolska and Śląsk)

How we deliver our decorative glass?

Our glass panels are sent by a courier company (specializing in providing glass) throughout Poland. Shipments are insured and glass panels are packed in secure packaging. We have already sent thousands of meters of glass. 

See, how our panels are packed: