Roller blinds

All our window blinds have rigorous certificates for applications in kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants. 

You can crop a pattern by yourself or we can create you a project -  this service is free! You can see several projects HERE

Window roller blinds TYPES:

  • non-invasive mini blinds, 
  • non-invasive cassette blinds equipped with side lists allowing operation of the blind in any window position
  • cassette blinds screwed to the window frame equipped with side lists allowing the blind to be operated in any position, 
  • classic metal blinds mounted in window recess or outside recess (wall, ceiling) 
  • classic metal blinds equipped with Smart mechanism (no need to use chains here) 
  • roof roller blinds 
  • Roman blinds

We offer three types of roller blind FABRICS: 

  • light-transmitting fabric (transmits light into the room) 
  • darkening fabric (retains light in 90%) 
  • new - double-sided printed fabric (printing from the inside of the room and from the outside) - does not apply to the Roman blind

We offer two types of FABRICS for the production of ROMAN blinds

  • Opal - Roman blind with a fabric with a thick weave effectively protects against daylight excess
  • MICRO - Roman blind with a light fabric retaining most of the light  

DEKEA window blinds are delivered to all European countries. Thy are packed in secure packaging. 

Below you will find a full description of our blinds, including the window measurement method depending on the type of the selected blind.

Cassette Roller Blind LUX or PLUS

  • the cassette protects the fabric against dirt 
  • the mechanism is fitted with side guides designed to be mounted directly on the window     
  • cassette roller blinds are ideally suited for PVC, wood and aluminum windows, they become part of the window, allowing it to be opened and closed in any position of the roller blind
  • both the cassette box and the side guides eliminate all clearances in the fabric and give you 100% privacy  
  • the roller blind comes with a partially translucent fabric. If you want a 90% blackout fabric, select this option. 
  • colours available: white, brown, light oak, oak, oak nut tree, golden oak, mahogany and cherry tree

  • maximum dimensions:

- LUX roller blind - 150 x 220 cm

- PLUS roller blind - 220 x 320 cm

We offer mechanisms made of aluminum or PVC

  • LUX roller blinds - dedicated to windows, where the side slats have flat surfaces, for windows with vents (the cassette is mounted below the vents) • spatial
  • PLUS blinds - for windows, where glazing beads are convex or rounded, with vents or when we want a blind running through several window quarters as in the picture below


MINI Roller Blind 

  • easy to assembly and disassembly
  • fitted directly to the window frame with mounting brackets, no need to drill holes in the window
  • operated with a ball chain on the right or left side   
  • the plastic fishing lines hold the blind when the window is open
  • roller blind offered with a light-transmitting or blackout material 
  • the standard finish is a strip hidden in a material tunnel or external strip roller blind (mechanism and chain) 
  • available in white, brown, gray and golden oak 

  • maximum dimensions: 150 cm x 220 cm
  • possibility of attaching to windows with vents


CLASSIC Roller Blinds

  • Classic blinds can be installed in the window recess or outside (to the wall or ceiling)
  • the blind is controlled using a chain or self-blocking mechanism (SMART mechanism) 
  • oller blind offered with a permeable material and a shading material 
  • the roller blind can be finished with strip hidden in the tunnel or external strip 
  • fully metal construction guarantees system stability even at 300 cm width! 
  • the maximum dimension online is 240 x 300 cm. You need a larger blind - contact us!


    ROOF WINDOW Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds with built-in aluminum grill and aluminum slides 
  • assembly site: roof window sash 
  • assembly: screwed in the roof window sash light
  • spring mechanism 
  • bottom finish: external flat aluminum strip 
  • color: silver, light pine, dark pine, brown, white 
  • type of fabric: transmitting the light or obscuring