Roller blinds installation

All our window blinds have rigorous certificates for applications in kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants. 

You can crop a pattern by yourself or we can create you a project -  this service is free! You can see several projects HERE

Window blinds TYPES:

  • non-invasive mini blinds, 
  • non-invasive cassette blinds equipped with side lists allowing operation of the blind in any window position
  • cassette blinds screwed to the window frame equipped with side lists allowing the blind to be operated in any position, 
  • classic metal blinds mounted in window recess or outside it (wall, ceiling) 
  • classic metal blinds equipped with a Smart mechanism (no need to use chains here) 
  • roof blinds 
  • Roman blinds

We offer three types of roller blind FABRICS:

  • light-transmitting fabric (transmits light into the room) 
  • darkening fabric (retains light in 90%) 
  • new - double-sided printed fabric (printing from the inside of the room and from the outside) - does not apply to the Roman blind 

Below you will find information on the correct window measurement depending on the selected roller blind mechanism