Decorative window foils with designed graphics

Printed self-adhesive foils with designed graphics for kindergartens, companies, offices.

The main advantages of the window printed foil: 

  • identification of companies, kindergartens (logo, information on opening hours, website and other information important for visitors) 
  • protection of glass against breaking (if the window is damaged - then the glass remains integrated with the foil, pieces of glass do not fall off the window)
  • decoration of the exterior facade of the building 
  • decorating the interior of the rooms 
  • sun protection ensuring intimacy (conference rooms, kindergarten rooms) 

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Each window decoration (foil) is designed and manufactured to individual order in accordance with the customer's dimensions and guidelines (motifs, colors, LOGO etc.).

-> Here you will find available foil designs for kindergartens, schools: PRINTED FOILS - patterns for kindergartens and schools