Choose a product and see it in Your Room

We enable you seeing the selected product in your room right after  you select the graphics. What do you have to do?

  1. Upload a photo or photos of your interior

  2. Browse our products (wallpapers, glass panels, photo roller-blinds, decorative veneers for furniture)
  3. Adjust Your graphics
  4. Click on the link "View product in your room"
  5. Choose the room
  6. Set the graphics in the desired location in your room (the 4 points on the corners graphics serve this purpose)

  7. See how  your room will change

  8. Make a purchase remembering about selecting the material, entering the correct dimensions, selecting additives

The visualizations of graphics in your room are only an approximation, neither do they reflect the dimensions of your room. Before you buy a graphic, measure the surfaces well (wall, furniture or window), provide us with exact measurements, check if your chosen image has been cropped correctly, and then place your order.