Types of furniture stickers

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ART STICK - standard furniture stickers, adhesive furniture foil that will last for years

  • Material: foil with a layer of permanent adhesive
  • Application: on smooth or slightly curved surfaces
  • Qualities: typical furniture foil (for doors, wardrobes, other furniture)
  • Can be used outdoors (short-term exposure) 
  • Not suitable for walls, typically used to decorate furniture 
  • Application: wet, using the liquid and spatula supplied (select the right option)

ART DESIGN - adhesive furniture foil that will not damage the original furniture surface

  • Material: foil with a layer of easily removable adhesive, decorative furniture foil     
  • Use: on smooth surfaces such as furniture, doors, windows or walls 
  • Qualities: easy to remove from furniture or walls without leaving traces of glue
  • Photorealistic print quality
  • Easy application and removal
  • No re-gluing possible.       
  • Application: dry, using the spatula supplied (select the right option)

MULTISTICK - furniture stickers, furniture foil that can easily be re-applied to a new position

  • Material: repositionable furniture foil
  • Use: for any smooth surface (furniture, doors, windows)
  • Qualities: can be peeled off and re-applied to the same or another surface many times
  • Flexible material - can be applied to curved surfaces - the substrate must be perfectly clean
  • The foil film is sensitive to uncontrolled stretching
  • Application: dry, using the spatula supplied (select the right option)

GLASS STICK - Decorative window foil - the print is visible through a pane of glass or plexiglass, and is fully protected by it.

  • Material: PVC adhesive Glass Stick foil 
  • Use: for glass, transparent acrylic glass, plexiglass surfaces - ideal for sliding doors, kitchen wall panels, plexiglass decorations.
  • Qualities: specially printed foil film, with the image on the adhesive side of the film
  • Wet application
  • Glue to be applied on the side of the graphics