HIT! - FAKRO, VELUX, ROTO, OKPOL roof blinds with beautiful patterns

DeKEA roof roller blinds

Shield yourself against the sun with the beautiful deKEA roof roller blinds! 

It is time for blinds with beautiful patterns - perfectly designed for your interior! 

We produce roller blinds for all types of windows - FAKRO, VELUX, ROTO, OKPOL and others 

Basic features of Dekea roof blinds

  • Roller blind built-in aluminum cover and side aluminum slides with material "working" in the light of the glass 
  • assembly place: roof window sash 
  • way of mounting the cover: screwed in the roof window sash light 
  • way of mounting the guides: bolted in the roof window sash light 
  • type of cover and guides: aluminum 
  • control: spring mechanism 
  • bottom finish: external aluminum flat panel 
  • color of grilles and guides: silver, light pine, dark pine, brown, white 
  • type of blind material: transmitting light or blackout (choose additive) 
  • Familiarize yourself with the window measurement instructions - here
  • Choose the most beautiful pattern - here

Leave the rest to us:  

  • we will design a blind based on the pattern you choose,  
  • we will send the project for acceptance
  • we deliver a ready roof roller blind