Furniture stickers applications

We have CERTIFICATES confirming the safety of our furniture veneers for health!
Synthetic latex used in printouts is odorless, non-toxic, does not cause allergic reactions. Veneers can be used in offices, kindergartens, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, public buildings as well as in our homes.

You can crop a pattern by yourself or we can create you a project -  this service is free! You can see several our projects HERE

All our stickers do not require experience in assembly. Their application is extremely simple. Each veneer is perfectly cut to the given dimensions. The pattern is perfectly matched. If you have a problem with furniture sticker project or want to change something in the graphic, just send us the information. We will prepare stickers project design for free.   

ART STICK furniture stickers APPLICATION 

  • Furniture veneer is delivered in a cardboard transport tube in the form of a roll. Take the veneer out of the tube gently.
  • Make sure that the dimensions of the individual elements of the veneer match the order you have sent. 
  • Check if the pattern on the veneer is compatible with the project preview sent to you by e-mail 
  • If the veneer is intended for new furniture, stick it on before laying the furniture. 
  • CLEAN THE SURFACE - Make sure the surface is on which sticker is intended it is clean, dry and without any traces of fat. For safety, thoroughly wipe the surface with a suitable cleaning liquid to remove any dirt, greasy places invisible to the human eye. WARNING: Do not use veneers on the surface freshly painted and heavily used furniture (surface of the piece of furniture for which veneer should not be used be cracked ). 
  • PREPARE THE SURFACE - Spray the surface of the furniture with a small amount of water (use for this, for example empty liquid washer for cleaning windows). The surface prepared in this way will significantly facilitate correct gluing of the printout.
  • Peel off a small portion of the veneer from the security paper. Sticking always starts from the left edge of the furniture. 
  • The foundation should be removed slowly, simultaneously pressing the veneer to the furniture and squeezing out excess water from under the surface
  • Lead spatula with horizontal stripes. While using the appropriate force, systematically move down. Thanks to this, air bubbles will not be pressed under the pattern. 
  • When you glue about 10 cm, peel off the next piece of veneer from the paper. 
  • Repeat the operation until the whole sticker is glued. 
  • To remove the bubbles push them outside the printout. 
  • When the piece of furniture is ready, take a picture and send it to us. If you agree, it will be presented in DEKEA promotional materials